Education, Dialogue, Social Action

Who We Are

Mission Statement
Foster mutual understanding and appreciation among Abrahamic faith traditions through education, dialogue and action.

As the world becomes more interdependent, it is critical that people of good will come together. Knowing each other and understanding the foundations of each tradition will help dispel false images and stereotypes that thwart positive relationships and generate conflict. Healthy and constructive relationships will emerge from mutual understanding and appreciation of each tradition.

Contribute to peace in our community and beyond.

Communicate, Learn, Respect
Communicate — Provide a safe and engaging environment for communication.
Learn — Provide opportunity to learn about the Abrahamic faith traditions.
Respect — Foster mutual respect and consideration among all.

Statement Regarding Acts of Violence
The Abrahamic Initiative resists and strongly condemns any and all violence, coercion, and divisiveness in the name of religion. We are deeply saddened by events of this nature in our world, and our hearts are with the victims and their families.

We urge all to join us in condemning all action and speech that serve to divide us and to work towards interfaith understanding and respect. We stand definitively for peace. Let us resist the urge to be influenced by the idea that the other is inherently deficient and instead develop curiosity to learn about each other. The Abrahamic Initiative works toward mutual respect.

Are You Afraid of Sharia? Presented by Haroon Moghul

On April 26th, this program was presented at the University of Denver Anderson Commons Library. The program was recorded and is now available on YouTube. Type in Abrahamic Initiative on the YouTube site to find this and other recorded presentations. Please click the link below to view this interesting, provocative and entertaining presentation.

View the Presentation: Click Here.

View the Q&A: Click Here.