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How to Cool Down While the Turkey Hears Up

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Megan Devenport, Executive Director of Building Bridges and Liz Hamel, Program Director, will help us share ideas about navigating family tension during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

“Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and also a time when simmering differences of opinion come to a boil around the dinner table.
Megan and Liz will lead an interactive discussion on practical tools to navigate disagreement and tension with the family during the Thanksgiving Holiday, and beyond.”

Building Bridges’ goal is to equip young people with the communication and leadership skills necessary to address the root cause of hatred, discrimination, and violent conflict. We create a safe space for young people to meet face to face with those they have been taught to fear. Together, they develop personal connections based on empathy and respect and the confidence to transform divisive attitudes in their communities.

Sunday, November 20, 2016 (4:00 – 6:00 pm) at B’nai Havurah: Denver Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation 6445 E. Ohio Ave. Denver, CO 80224

This event is sponsored solely by the Abrahamic Initiative. We are grateful to B’nai Havurah for allowing us to use their facilities.

There is no cost for this event – All are welcome

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